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What’s your holistic skin type?

One aspect of holistic self care is how we take care of our body as a whole. Our is skin is the largest organ it’s outward appearance is actually a reflection of what’s going on beneath the surface. To look healthy and beautiful on the outside, you’ve got to keep yourself healthy on the inside, and what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on your body.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to skin care, it teaches that our skin is not separate from the rest of the body. It treats the body as a whole and does not treat the skin singularly. It’s believed that there are three types of doshas in us. Our doshas  (vatta, pitta, kapha) needs to be in balance and is key to our health and wellness. Knowing your dosha will help you understand your skin and ultimately your body.  We are all happy when we have radiant skin. Beautiful glowing skin means that our diet and lifestyle are in perfect harmony. If you’re having skin irritation or ailment, it’s more likely that something is happening on the inside.

Ayurveda believes we are all born with skin that is a unique combination of five elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Kapha). Some of us are more dominant is one element than the other.

Space (vata) goes with environmental interaction
-Air(vata) contributes to circulation
-Fire(pitta) give the skin its glow, luster, metabolism and warmth
-Water(kapha) is responsible for moisture balance
-Earth(kapha) forms the basis of skin structure.

When you know your skin type you’re better able to find products that’s right for you.

Pitta/Fire, skin that is delicate sensitive and soft always burns, prone to irritation, itches and breakout in rashes. Pitta products are cooling, nurturing and protects you from the sun. 

Vata/ Space, is skin that is normal to dry occasionally dull, thin, small pores and several fine lines. The best products to use are ones that will nurture and re-hydrate.

Kapha/Water, is oily skin with blackhead, whiteheads and acne. Your skin rarely burns has very few lines, large pores and is soft overall.

Kapha/Earth, is normal to oily (combination skin) with oil production in the T-Zone and blemishes.  Its thick skin that is occasionally skinny, medium pores with few wrinkles. Because of the oiliness, people with kapha skin need to detoxify both internally and externally. A gentle exfoliating treatment is good to incorporate to get rid of oil build up and blockage. Drinkin  warm water with lemon or ginger teas helps with internal detoxification.

Whatever skin type you have, a balanced daily routine is a must.

Which holistic type are you? Let us know, reply below.


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