In 2010, I was expecting my first child and as an expecting mom I read everything there was to know about what’s happening to my baby. What I didn’t see or read much about was how do to care for myself throughout pregnancy and especially postpartum. As I spoke with other moms it’s foreign to most. When you think of self care what comes to mind are facials and spa time but for moms its different, especially during pregnancy into the early motherhood.  For moms its time for ourselves, understanding our postpartum needs and emotions, validation that what we’re feeling is all part of the process. If you pick up any pregnancy magazine none of this is mentioned, you’ll see everything related to the baby. We live in a culture that is very child centered, our self care and nurturing is non-existent and greatly undervalued.

Hello, I’m Ruth.

I’m a wife and mom to two adorable kids.  I founded CODDLE  to share MY STORIES of  self care as well as build COMMUNITY to EDUCATE about SELF CARE.


1. I’m a foodie – I’m a walking app of what’s good and where to eat.

2. I’m a Humans of New York Alum. Check it out Here

3. I’m a well put together wino.

4. Cheese..Yes Please!

5. Life’s a beach.

I’m creating a community that fosters a posture of unapologetic self care for moms.  Providing tools that allows us to make self care a part of lives throughout pregnancy into new motherhood.  Now more than ever, most of us are head of our household and/or ‘chief breadwinner’, when we’re happy everyone’s happy.  It takes a village to raise a child and it’s the rich shared history, knowledge, tradition and support that makes it all possible. CODDLE is the village that help care for all moms.