In 2010, I was expecting my first child and like any first time mom I read an abundance of books and articles all related to the topics of pregnancy and birth. What I didn’t read about is; what to expect, what happens after and how to care for myself after birth. Later on as I spoke with other moms and ask these questions, like me some didn’t know and for some it was foreign. When we think of self care what comes to mind are facials and frothy baths but for new moms its different. It’s about surviving the early days, weeks, months and that crucial first year. Its navigating your moods, your emotions, the validation that many have been through it and come out on the other side okay. Its the care of your cracked nipples, its engorgement, its what is a ‘belly band’ and do I need one.

Hello, I’m Ruth.

I’m a wife and mom to two adorable kids.  I founded CODDLE  to share MY STORIES as well as build COMMUNITYEDUCATE and BROADEN the conversation around postpartum and the first year.


1. I’m a foodie – I’m a walking app of what’s good and where to eat.

2. I’m a Humans of New York Alum. Check it out Here

3. I’m a well put together wino.

4. Cheese..Yes Please!

5. Life’s a beach.